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Stories are Cosmic Whispers

Vanishing Blue

Vanishing Blue was originally a nudge from the paranormal world that prompted me to write a poem, of the same name. Although, I’ve written many poems about cosmic whispers, this one was one of my favorites and eventually developed into a fictional paranormal novel that was released with Kellan Publishing on 12/15/2016.

Like the character in my story, Claire O'Leary and I shared otherworldly experiences that reached out to us in a host of different mediums; from sounds, smells, visual connections, including touching the energy around us, and now, it all comes to life as Claire plays the role of her creator (albeit loosely) in the novel, Vanishing Blue. This book is the first one in a series called, Paranormal Soul. How many books will make up this series? Honestly, I’ve no idea because the connection is always open to an endless supply of unearthly activities. The world outside our reality, well…it never sleeps.

There were many unusual and unexplainable experiences during the writing of this book and just like Gabe Walden, the writer in my story, Vanishing Blue (the real book) embraced word changes, altered names and some things never printed. How can this happen? Well, don’t ask me to explain it, after all, I’ve ghost-written a complete fantasy trilogy without a problem and published several poetry books and a children’s book without incident. This paranormal series is quite a different quest. In my novel, Vanishing Blue is a young girl murdered by her mother's husband and committed to stopping her dead mother, Maureen Flannigan, from murdering Gabe Walden. Yes, ghosts are running amok in this plot, seemingly, because Maureen can't control her sick need for revenge.

Vanishing Blue/alias Sadie Flannigan attaches herself to Gabe in a rare method that causes Claire to shiver in fear. Yet, together Vanishing Blue and Claire O'Leary race against time to protect Gabe from dead and vengeful entities. Only there's one big problem-the dead aren’t on a clock!

Enter...the charming and psychic Stan Bradley who brings humor to a stressful situation. His relentless determination to protect his best friend, Gabe, from the evil Maureen and her fiendish dead co-conspirators places his own life in danger, until the very end...

I’m asking you to stay awake, pay attention and beware of those slight nudges that are curious and somewhat frightening. Don't brush them off until Author, Cheryle L. Linturn, that’s me, arrives to a location near you to sign my new novel, Vanishing Blue and I’ll be bringing several stories to share with you in my Paranormal Chilling Chats.

Welcome to the world of cosmic whispers that do have a place in our world. To deny them doesn't make them vanish. These are fictional stories based on real paranormal events. I respect the unknown and intend no infringement or disrepute of the paranormal world, quite the opposite.

“When the light goes on Shadows lurking in the dark temporarily fade to our vision awaiting our return.”

The woman had a large diamond ring on her ring finger and a smaller one on her pinkie. The pinkie ring had a strange energy around it and glowed with a black aura. It held its own soul. That terrified her.~Chapter 3

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