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Spirits and Coffee Chats

Grab your favorite drink and entertain your soul, and other souls with new stories from beyond our earthly existence. Don't be afraid to go where others don't want to follow. Share your experiences, those little nudges or flashing lights that offer no logical explanation. I, for one, have experienced many different phenomena throughout my life that, quite frankly, left me standing with my mouth hanging open and the word 'wow' repeated 30 times.

I started to write these paranormal events into obscure poetry that finally led me down the path of storytelling. My new adventure was to create short stories from each incident and put them into a book of short fictional stories based on a real paranormal experience. Then one day I found a publisher that said she'd love to see the one story I submitted to her adapted into a novel. Well, two years later here I am and Kellan Publishing is about to publish my first book in the series Paranormal Soul; Vanishing Blue.

Please keep in mind that when I travelled further away from each otherworldly experience and over the edge of a rather bizarre looking mountain top I fell into the dark abyss of my imagination and landed here, in this chat room. So, I want you to know that I do respect and appreciate my original paranormal experience and I can only hope that my real Vanishing Blue won't mind where I took her story.

Thank you for joining me all you believers, ghost hunters and non-believers inside this spirited chat room for a fellowship of sharing unusual hauntings. Stay tuned for the published date of, Vanishing Blue and who knows, I might visit near you, if not in body then in spirit!

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