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  About Me  

I started writing when I started walking and meditating. It seemed to open a whole new world for me. I don't believe in writer's block, the world is full of too many variables and I allow my muses to run amok constantly supplying me new visions. My grandchildren inspire my imagination and give me the gift of storytelling that goes beyond the muse. My poetry came first, lyrics and then novels. I've taken radio and broadcasting classes that lead me to another form of writing.

I love stories, so if you have any please stay for a while, have tea  and share yours!

 Kellan Publishing released Vanishing Blue on 12-15-2016

‘There’are too many things that surround us; too many variables for creativity. A story can start with a pencil, a glass of water, a cloud, a sound, a smell, a soft velvet blanket and end up an exploding supernova across the universe. We're only limited when we’re dead. Wake up and live!’'SAY NO TO WRITER'S BLOCK!  Cheryle L. Linturn 2017

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